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February 23, 2005      Share

The Top 9
Management Styles of Animals

9> Kangaroo: Jumps to conclusions.

8> Hamster: Conducts lots of activity, but gets nowhere.

7> Pigeon: As sales manager, does no work and spends the entire
day following females, while fluffing his feathers in the hope
that one presents.

6> Hyena: Possesses no discernable skills, yet laughs his way
right up the ladder.

5> Parrot: Incorporates corporate buzzwords in *everything*.

4> Cat: Ignores you until he needs something.

3> Ostrich: Hides her head up the VP’s butt.

2> Elephant: Remembers everything bad at review time.

and the Number 1 Management Style of Animals…
1> Porcupine: Sticks it to everyone.



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