August 11, 2006      Share

One of the most popular shows on the
Discovery Channel is “Myth Busters,”
a show that takes myths and urban legends
and proves or disproves them. We wondered
what the SF version would be like.

The Top 8 Shows For SF Myth Busters

8> Which girls does “Earth Girls Are Easy” refer to, and what are
their phone numbers?

7> “Okay, here we have a line of Imperial Storm Troopers loaded
for bear, and there we have the broad side of a barn….”

6> Rubber bands or duct-tape? What’s *really* holding the
Millennium Falcon together?

5> Does the color red attract an inordinate amount of weapon fire
and falling rocks?

4> Does going back in time and preventing one’s parents from
meeting cause one to spontaneously disappear?

3> How *does* Londo’s hair stay up?

2> Ship size vs penis size. And is the Death Star really a ship?

and the Number 1 Show For SF Myth Busters…
1> Are Orion slave girls green EVERYWHERE?



Selected from 32 submissions from 9 contributors.
This week’s list authors are:

Donald Johnson, Cincinnati, OH — 1
Guy Reeves, Houston, TX — 2
Kate Melnyk, Tewksbury, MA — 3, 8
Peter Heltzer, Buffalo Grove, IL — 4, 5
Dan Thompson, Austin, TX — 6
Guy Payne, Birmingham, AL — 7
Eric Akawie, Annandale, VA — Topic
Dave Oberhart, Durham, NC — SF List Moderator