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December 19, 2001      Share

Steve Hurd here, Top5 Relationships’ “Naughty Elf”
Before Top5 Relationships takes a three week holiday hiatus,
we want to not only extend our best holiday wishes to you & yours,
but also offer new tips on what *not* to do at holiday soirees.
See you back here on Wednesday, January 16th, 2002!

The Top 8 Ways to Get in Trouble at
Your Spouse’s Office Christmas Party

9> Put a little too much egg, and not enough nog, in the egg nog.

8> Violating the no-snogging-the-boss’s-wife, without-also-
snogging-the-boss (while-dressed-as-a-reindeer) in-a-closet

7> The comment that the molded Jell-O was jiggling just like her
co-worker’s new implants was a little out of line.

6> Not telling anyone you threw up on the German Chocolate
holiday cake.

5> Remark “Damn, a lot of hot women work at your company, dear!”

4> Nothing says fun like some fake anthrax on the dessert table!

3> Hit on your wife’s boss…and you are both male.

2> Move two photocopiers together so you can get a duplicate of
your entire butt.

and the Number 1 Way to Get in Trouble at Your Spouse’s Office
Christmas Party…
1> Lick people.



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