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October 3, 2001      Share

Steve Hurd here, Top5 Relationships’ “Wedding Planner”
Sure, you know what you *want* to hear at your wedding:
“I do,” “What a beautiful ceremony,” etc.
But there are two sides to every coin…

The Top 6 Things You Don’t
Want to Hear at Your Wedding

6> “You’re a lucky girl. My son is VERY good in bed.
I should know.”

5> “I’ve never actually met Joan, but as I own every issue of
‘Hustler’ she’s been featured in, I feel like I’ve known
her for years.”

4> “Bride or Groom’s side, Mr. Springer?”

3> “I’m looking for the groom. I’ve got two goats, a case of
Wild Turkey and two albino touch-typists, but I need a

2> “You may now kiss the bride. HEY… I was talking to
the groom, Chester!”

and the Number 1 Thing You Don’t Want to Hear at Your Wedding…
1> “It wasn’t really loaded, son.”



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Today Top5 List authors are:

Peter Casper, Brisbane, Australia —- 1 (Woo-hoo! 3rd #1)
Vic Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY — 2
Chris Hansen, Parts Unknown — 3
Esteban Schwartz, Walnut Creek, CA — 4, RU List Title
Joe Terranova, Lake Orion, MI — 5
James Knowles, Bellingham, WA — 6, Topic
Steve Hurd, Oakland, CA — Officiating