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Steve Hurd here, Top5 Relationships’ “Sensei”
If you think you life is difficult, just imagine the
poor, unsuspecting people who innocently sign up for
an evening computer class and show up to find their
instructor is also a Top 5 List Moderator! The horror!!!

The Top 7 Signs Your
Teacher is Hot for You

7> For you, homework consists of whipped cream, chocolate sauce
and your math teacher’s lingerie-draped body.

6> You’ve seen her write “See Me” on everyone else’s paper, but
yours says, “See Me… as more than just your teacher!”

5> On your Geometry exam, your answer to the question “Explain
the Pythagorean Theorem” was “I like pie,” yet you received
full credit and a note with directions to the teacher’s house!

4> The 75 year old breasts dangling in your face isn’t your idea
of a welcoming back, especially when he continues to do it.

3> Insists you pose nude for art class. His name? Art.

2> When coach smacked you on the butt after you scored a
touchdown, you thought nothing of it, but when you step
out of the shower and he’s there in leather chaps holding
a riding crop… well, that is just wrong!

and the Number 1 Sign Your Teacher is Hot for You….
1> History teacher always asking if you need help with the
“Johnson administration.”



Selected from 39 submissions from 13 contributors.
Today Top5 List authors are:

Wade Kwon, Birmingham, AL — 1 (Woo Hoo! 2nd #1)
Patrick O’Driscoll, St Louis, MO — 2
Vic Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY — 3
Ticker Lock, Gillette WY — 4
Brent McDaniel, Atlanta, GA — 5
Maura Scholl, Mt. Prospect, IL — 6
Dawson Rambo, Santa Rosa, CA — 7
James Knowles, Bellingham, WA — Topic
Joe Terranova, Lake Orion, MI — RU Name, LAST Week’s Topic!
Steve Hurd, Oakland, CA — Lecturer