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March 7, 2001      Share

Hi, I’m Steve Hurd, Top5 Relationships’ “Doctor of Love.”
Welcome to the Top5 Relationships list, where we’ll be
exploring the trials and tribulations of Relationships
and the Single Life. I’m not a licensed professional,
so please consult your own therapist, parole officer, minister,
tax advisor, attorney, sponsor and/or agent before taking any
action based upon the information contained in these lists.
Now, without further ado… the inaugural Relationships list!

The Top 7 Signs That a Fight With
Your Significant Other is Imminent

7> While walking into the Jerry Springer studios you begin to
wonder if your “birthday surprise” has anything to do with
that little “incident” with her sister.

6> The kitchen is roped off. And is that Don King talking to
your wife?

5> You: Just gave up lying for Lent.
She: Just asked, “Do I look fat in these jeans?”

4> “What? I thought *you* had the keys to the handcuffs!”

3> You turn on the Weather Channel to hear, “A massive cold
front is approaching the living room, heading northeasterly
from the kitchen!”

2> You forgot her birthday, but somehow remembered her twin

and the Number 1 Sign That a Fight With Your Significant Other is
1> You find her filling out an organ donor card… in YOUR name.



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Nancy Vaine, Fairfield, CT — 4
Julie Nusbaum, Hamilton, IN — 5
Cindy Jorgenson, Madison, AL — 6
Andrew Irwin, Christchurch, NZ — 7
Esteban Schwartz, Walnut Creek, CA — Topic, Runner Up list name
Steve Hurd, Oakland, CA — Presiding Judge