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Steve Hurd here, Top5 Relationships’ “J. K. Rowling’s Boy-Toy”
After reading the book & seeing the movie, you might
think you know *everything* about the world of Harry Potter.
Even how young wizards go looking for love???

The Top 8 Hogwarts
School Pickup Lines

8> “Hey, Look, I can transfigure this toad into a Top 5 list

7> “Your broom or mine?”

6> “You know, Quidditch doesn’t actually mean what you think it

5> “Of magic tricks, I have plenty! I’ll show you disappearing
pants, the incredible growing third leg, and later, you’ll
witness my vanishing act!”

4> “Here, drink this love pot…I mean, pumpkin juice – it really
has a kick in it.”

3> “So, what’ll it be: Three-headed-doggie style, or Muggle

2> “I didn’t hear you say “wingardium leviosa,” but you sure
got a rise out of me!”

and the Number 1 Hogwarts School Pickup Line…
1> “I’ve just learned a new levitation spell and I’m not wearing
a bra.”



Selected from 32 submissions from 12 contributors.
Today Top5 List authors are:

Scott Griffin, Canberra, Australia — 1 (Woo Hoo! 1st #1!)
Julie Nusbaum, Hamilton, IN — 2
Neal Miskin, Vancouver BC — 3, 8, Topic
Vic Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY — 4
Brent McDaniel, Atlanta, GA — 5
Kenneth R. Feucht, Oakdale, MN — 6
Joe Terranova, Lake Orion, MI — 7, RU List Name
Steve Hurd, Oakland, CA — Dean of Punctuation