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January 11, 2012      Share

More break-ups happen in January than
any other time of the year. Why, oh why?

The Top 8 Excuses to Break Up in January

8> After the stress of the holidays and the binges on New Year’s
Eve, the added stress of the Super Bowl is the straw that
breaks the camel’s back.

7> 2012 minus his year of birth means it’s time to date someone

6> New year resolution to “dump useless items from your home”
pretty much seals the doom of your relationship.

5> Dude, you just can’t compete with that vibrator you got her
for Christmas.

4> New Year’s is a time for new beginnings and you are beginning
to get really, really tired of her.

3> You’ve put on your usual winter holiday weight and now nobody
gets to see you undressed until June.

2> You’ve only got one month to find someone to spend Valentine’s
Day with.

and the Number 1 Excuse to Break Up in January…
1> She made a resolution to lose 190 pounds — you!



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