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May 22, 2002      Share

Yes. This week’s list *will* offend you.

The Top 8 Things Overheard When George
Harrison and John Lennon Reunited in Heaven

8> “Yoko…he *must* have been aiming at Yoko.”

7> “Hey, Linda! Do you want to come sing with us, love?”

6> “Hey, George, do you want to join the Keith Richards pool?
There’s still a few empty spots…”

5> “*I* hired Ringo? I thought *you* hired Ringo!”

4> “A sitar? What were you thinking?”
“Well, you married Yoko.”
“Good point.”

3> “I am Vishnu… no, I’m just funnin’ ya. It’s me – John!”

2> “Guess they’ll have to change the punch line to ‘*Two* more
bullets,’ huh?”

and the Number 1 Thing Overheard When George Harrison and John
Lennon Reunited in Heaven…
1> Jesus: “Who’s more popular *now*, ya wankers?!”



Selected from 35 submissions from 14 contributors.
Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Andy Grosser, Boston, MA — 1 (2nd #1!)
Terry Mingle, Cortland, NY — 2
Joseph Prisco, Ithaca, NY — 3, Banner Tag
Matt Kall, Cleveland Heights, OH — 4
Jonathan P. Bernick, Conway, SC — 5, 8, RU list name
Whit Watson, West Hartford, CT — 5
Jeff Conner, San Jose, CA — 6, 7
Slick Sharkey, Miami, FL — Topic
Jeffrey Anbinder, New York, NY — Maestro