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March 11, 2009      Share

According to press reports, singer Phil
Collins has essentially become a full-time
Alamo junkie. He collects cannonballs from
the famous battle site, has gotten his
kids to share his passion, and claims,
“Now I’ve stopped being Phil Collins the
singer. This has become what I do.”
How else can we tell that an artist
really, really likes sites of historic,
artistic, or architectural importance?

The Top 6 Signs Musicians Have an
Inordinate Fondness for a Landmark

6> Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart visit Mount Rushmore.

5> Roger Daltrey is headed to Arizona (Tommy Canyon Hear Me?)

4> Michael Jackson’s moving to Boys’ Town.

3> Brian Wilson spends summers in the Netherlands to check out
the Gouda vibrations.

2> Peter Gabriel’s been seen lying down on and then rhythmically
humping Broadway.

and the Number 1 Sign Musicians Have an Inordinate Fondness for a Landmark…
1> Tommy Lee thinks Easter Island is a great place for enjoying



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