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Last month, the Bush School of Government and Public
Service at Texas A&M University hosted a 20th anniversary
symposium on the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm.
The guest list included former President George H.W. Bush,
former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, and former
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell.

The Top 9 Things Overheard at
the Desert Storm 20-Year Reunion

9> “These drinks are about as potent as a SCUD missile.”

8> “Read my lips: No new Axis.”

7> “Mr. Vice President, thanks again for the Halliburton tip 20
years ago. My 401(k) is as sound as Fort Knox.”

6> “I love it. God help me I do love oil so. I love it more than
my life.”

5> “Remember the good old days, when you could just launch a war
without Fox News screwing everything up?”

4> “Back in those days, you couldn’t tweet from the front lines.”

3> “My waiter just asked me if Desert Storm was the one where
Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru got killed. God help us.”

2> “Well, at least we’ve resolved that ‘devil you know’ debate.”

and the Number 1 Thing Overheard at the Desert Storm 20-Year Reunion…
1> “Amazingly, I dreamt back then of turning over the White House
one day to my son. My son Jeb, that is.”



Selected from 29 submissions from 10 contributors.
This week’s list authors are:

Marty McCullen, Gettysburg, PA — 1 (8th #1)
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA — 2
Douglas Frank, Crosby, TX — 3, 9
Glenn Anthony, San Carlos, CA — 4, 5
Kevin Dopart, Washington, DC — 6, 8, Banner tag
Michael Cunningham, Woodridge, IL — 7
Colonel Howie, The Pentagon, VA — Topic
Kilroy, Washington, DC — Graffitist