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December 1, 2011      Share

On Google, you can find just about anything.
But there *are* still a few phrases that are simply
too ludicrous to exist, even on the worldwide
web, so if you enter them into a Google search,
you come up with exactly *zero* results.
Those phrases are called “Googlenopes” (term credited
to writer Gene Weingarten in the Washington Post).
Here are a few examples — which by virtue
of their being included in this TopFive list
will no longer be considered Googlenopes.

The Top 10 Military Googlenopes

10> “Marine Corps sensitivity expert”

9> “Service academy BCS teams”

8> “All USN lines will be secured with a granny knot”

7> “Boeing dollar store”

6> “Stimulating Marine repartee”

5> “Edgy Beetle Bailey storylines”

4> “Easy-peasy Ranger training”

3> “Tailhook Reunion 2012 schedule agenda”

2> “Drill sergeant musicals”

and the Number 1 Military Googlenope…
1> “Retired billionaire Sgt. Mike Cunningham”



Selected from 47 submissions from 6 contributors.
This week’s list authors are:

Michael Cunningham, Woodridge, IL — 1, 4 (17th #1!)
Kevin Dopart, Washington, DC — 2, 7, 9, 10 (4-day pass!),
Topic, Banner tag
Glenn Anthony, San Carlos, CA — 3
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA — 5, 6
Marty McCullen, Gettysburg, PA — 8
Leonard Topolski, Pearland, TX — 9
Kilroy, Washington, DC — Graffitist

RUNNERS UP list — Less than nothing

“DoD underruns”
     (Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA)

“Ft. Benning’s hottest nightspot”
     (Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA)

“Hard-hitting ‘Stars and Stripes’ exposes”
     (Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA)

“I’m joining the Air Force to golf”
     (Kevin Dopart, Washington, DC)

“I’m joining the Navy to paint”
     (Kevin Dopart, Washington, DC)

“Major weapons systems delivered early under budget”
     (Glenn Anthony, San Carlos, CA)

“Military toilet seats under $1000 dollars”
     (Leonard Topolski, Pearland, TX)

“Plus-size flight suits”
     (Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA)

“Quiche-eating Rangers”
     (Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA)

“Rachael Ray – Emeril Lagasse DFAC”
     (Glenn Anthony, San Carlos, CA)

“Sublime rules of engagement”
     (Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA)

“Top 5 reasons your Admiral is so humble”
     (Glenn Anthony, San Carlos, CA)

Runners Up list name
     (Kevin Dopart, Washington, DC)