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March 26, 2001      Share

Bill Nye and the Crocodile Hunter don’t have a monopoly on
science — especially questionable science. But here at
Top5 Kids, we aren’t afraid to tackle the issues that other
scientists avoid. This week we look at dinosaurs. Many types
of these large and terrifying prehistoric creatures have been
identified such as Diplodocus, Apatasaurus, and Barney — but
we’re convinced that there are many more yet to be discovered.
And we think we know what they are…

The Top 8 Undiscovered Dinosaurs

8> Moronodon — Also known as the “dunder lizard.” Unlike other
dinos, the Moronodon was believed to have ONLY the small
secondary brain in its butt.

7> Achibrachiosoaurus — Also know as Billyraycyrisaurus. This
large animal flourished for a very short time before lapsing
into near-extinction.

6> Scootersaurus Rex — Fast-moving dino that was king of the
trendy beasts, but became extinct after trying to execute a
Grind with a Manhattan Transfer on the back of a Stegosaurus.

5> Naggadon — This beast’s call was a non-stop high-pitched
squeal that caused other dinosaurs to stop what they were
doing and clean up their caves.

4> Thesaurus — a small, bookish dinosaur with an extremely
large vocabulary.

3> Frisbeesaur — a round, flat, flying dino. Currently
undiscovered because they always got stuck on top of — or
under — other, larger dinosaurs.

2> Diplodorkus — The only known naturally-plaid dinosaur, this
massive reptile could be identified by its call: “Check out
my Spock ears!”

and the Number 1 Undiscovered Dinosaur…
1> Velocicraptor — A swift, savage predator whose main attack
is far too disgusting to mention; believed to be the direct
ancestor of the common pigeon.



Selected from 30 submissions from 9 contributors.
Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Jonathan P. Bernick, Macomb, IL — 1, 4 (Woohoo! 1st #1!)
March Roseland, Claremont, CA — 2
Bill Wickart, Hillsboro, OR — 3
David W. James, Los Angeles, CA — 5
Wade Kwon, Birmingham, AL — 6
Sandra Hull, Arlington, VA — 7
Phil McCracken, Chicago, IL — 8, Topic
Walter Plinge, Yorkshire, England — RU list name, Banner Tag
Kevin Paul Wickart, Normal, IL — Class Clown