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The Top 10 Vaguely
Threatening Essay Titles

10> The Second Floor Broom Closet, Yesterday at 1:35PM:
Transcript and Analysis

9> Things That Can Happen to Your Pet: Just Sayin’

8> Criminal Background Checks: Informative and Entertaining

7> Locker Rooms as a Fertile Breeding Ground for More than Just

6> Nocturnal Sea Life: What It’s Like to Sleep With the Fishes

5> Guerilla Video Theatre: The Power of Zoom Lenses to Make the
Private(s) Public

4> Tasteless Coffee Additives

3> A Practical Guide to Identifying Hairpieces

2> The Stolen Kidney Legend: Medically Feasible?

and the Number 1 Vaguely Threatening Essay Title…
1> Archetypal Motifs in “Death of a Salesman,” or You Left Your
Watch on My Nightstand Last Night



Selected from 32 submissions from 9 contributors.
Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Dan Lautman, Rockville, MD — 1 (3rd #1)
Rabbi Crut, Bowling Green OH — 2
Nicole Ross, Fort McMurray, Canada — 3, 8
Upton O’Connor, Pompano Beach, FL — 4, 10
Kim Walker-Daniels, Sun Prairie, WI — 5, 7
Janis Spidle, Kansas City, MO — 6
Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA — 9
Jeff Scherer, Brooklyn, NY — Topic, Guidance Counselor