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The Top 5 Signs Your
Parents Need the Summer Off Too

5> They just keep watching old episodes of “Hawaii 5-0″ and

4> “When I was your age we… ah hell! I’m going to Cabo!”

3> They ask you yet again to tell them your Spring Break stories.

2> They’re so bored, they’re talking to each other.

and the Number 1 Sign Your Parents Need the Summer Off Too …
1> Mom wistfully puts a little paper umbrella in her fiber drink.



Selected from 17 submissions from 7 contributors.
This week’s list authors are:

Judith Cottrill, Bronx, NY — 1, 2, 3, 5 (Hat trick plus/2nd #1)
Steven Lunetta, Tucson, AZ — 4
The Go-Go’s, California — Banner tag
Barb McMullen, Ann Arbor, MI — Hall Monitor

RUNNERS UP list — Running on Empty

As if their pasty white skin wasn’t bad enough now you have to get
the vision of them getting waxed out of your brain.
     (Steven Lunetta, Tucson, AZ)

It isn’t so much they need the summer off; the mechanic says the
car needs a staycation.
     (Vic Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY)

They’ve stopped complaining about the b–ch in the office and have
started whining about the beach on the travel brochure.
     (Julie Nusbaum, Hamilton, IN)

Your mom’s boss just called and asked you tell her to leave the
sunscreen and the floppy hat at home today. But she can still
bring in pina coladas.
     (Carly Simmons, Narragansett, RI)