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The Top 5 Signs the Foreign
Exchange Student Doesn’t Want to Go Home

5> When you told her you might have to repeat the year because
you’re failing a class, Ilse from Munich suddenly started to
fail German.

4> You stumble across a recent journal entry: “After stashing
over five hundred dollars and finding a suitable cave, I am
finally ready. They will not find me and take me back. I must
make my move TONIGHT!!”

3> You’re trying to be a good host sibling, but you kinda wish
she hadn’t Photoshopped herself into all your baby pictures.

2> Every girl he goes out with gets a goodnight kiss and a
marriage proposal.

and the Number 1 Sign the Foreign Exchange Student Doesn’t Want
to Go Home…
1> She insists Haiti is “closed for repairs” until further



Selected from 17 submissions from 5 contributors.
Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA — 1, 5 (15th #1!)
Kay Crain, Defiance, MO — 2
Amy Gorlewski, Wichita, KS — 2, 3
Marc Elmer, Wheaton, IL — 4
Andrea Crain, Madison, WI — Guidance Counselor