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The Top 8 Reasons Why There’s
No Show-and-Tell in High School

8> Can’t get the Glock past security.

7> High school boys would much rather prefer that one show, but
don’t tell.

6> No witnesses.

5> It would only consist of links to YouTube, video game cheats
and hacking.

4> Showing illegal substances and telling the price list seemed
inappropriate at best.

3> It’s already all on Facebook.

2> High schoolers have already seen it all.

and the Number 1 Reason Why There’s No Show-and-Tell in High School…
1> “Other things changing along with my voice,” was one reason.



Selected from 53 submissions from 17 contributors.
This week’s list authors are:

Steven Lunetta, Tucson, AZ — 1 (3rd#1)
Guy Reeves, Houston, TX — 2, 8
Mark Sweatt, Marietta, GA — 3
Mark Zinck, Grand Rapids, MI — 3, 5
Michele Lord, Lincoln, NE — 4
Andrew Hoenig, Rockville, MD — 5, 7
Peter Casper, Brisbane, Australia — 6
Brian Bell, Seattle, WA — Banner tag
Barb McMullen, Ann Arbor, MI — Hall Monitor

RUNNERS UP list — Not Up to Their Potential

Because teens get “Show and Tell” and “Kiss and Tell” mixed up too
     (Vic Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY)

Every week, it’s just Mark Rosencrantz showing us another new zit.
     (Andrew Hoenig, Rockville, MD)
     (Jay Shuck, Minneapolis, MN)
     (Judith Cottrill, Bronx, NY)

Everyone got tired of the cheerleaders showing off their breast
     (Lance Petry, Shandong Province, China)

Kids were bringing in roaches that weren’t bugs.
     (Brian Bell, Seattle, WA)

“Something found in Mom’s dresser drawer” ruined the fun for
     (Mark Sweatt, Marietta, GA)

There is. The teacher showed us something, and we told the
     (Michele Lord, Lincoln, NE)
     (Lance Petry, Shandong Province, China)
     (Gary O. Reynolds, Lafayette, IN)
     (Andrew Hoenig, Rockville, MD)

There is, but now it’s called Show and Text.
     (Guy Reeves, Houston, TX)

Your painting of the cheerleading coach as “Miss January” landed
you in the principal’s office.
     (Kay Crain, Defiance, MO)