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High School is supposed to prepare kids for the
real world, right? So, what sorts of skills
*should* we be learning these days instead of
say, “Exploring Microsoft Office” or “Tech Ed”?

The Top 9 Electives
for the 21st Century

9> Intro to Global Warming. Prerequisite: Polar Bear Math 101

8> Modern Music Composition: Students will learn the basics of
Copyright and Intellectual Law as it pertains to ‘sampling’

7> Gas Siphoning 101: Exploring alternate ways to obtain fuel in
today’s economy

6> English As a Second Language: Course description is available
in Spanish, Chinese, or Presidential

5> Multi-tasking 305: Learn how to follow the plot of your
favorite TV show while playing Madden 2008, talking on the
phone and forwarding the latest Top 5 List

4> Advanced Texting: Students will be required to write 4-5 word

3> Celebrity Math: Using data from American Idol and the NBA,
students calculate their odds of real success

2> Blackberry 101: Ignoring people while looking productive

and the Number 1 Elective for the 21st Century…
1> Theories of STDs: Valtrex vs. Prayer



Selected from 34 submissions from 13 contributors.
This week’s list authors are:

Gary O. Reynolds, Lafayette, IN — 1, 8 3rd #1!
Kristina Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY — 2
Doug Frank, Crosby, TX — 3, 4, Topic, Banner tag
Guy Reeves, Houston, TX — 4
Jay Shuck, Minneapolis, MN — 4, 6
Eleanor Salerno, White Plains, NY — 5
Kay Crain, Defiance, MO — 7
Carly Simmons, Narragansett, RI — 9
Barb McMullen, Ann Arbor, MI — Class Clown

RUNNERS UP list — Educaution

Apathy 200: No attendance or homework required
     (Dave Oberhart, Durham, NC)

Fashion 099: Risks of low-rider apparel
     (Dave Oberhart, Durham, NC)

Fast Food Nutrition: Does the Time You Save Now Make Up for the
Life Span You Lose?
     (Michael Cunningham, Woodridge, IL)

Green, the New Black. Prerequisites: Green, the New Blue, Green,
the New Red, or Green, the New Yellow
     (Trish Jensen, Reedsville, PA)

Home Eco 221: Burger flipping and the evils of the deep fryer
     (Dave Oberhart, Durham, NC)

Intro to Facebook. Prerequisite: Stalking 101
     (Gary O. Reynolds, Lafayette, IN)

Intro to Recessions. Prerequisites: Intro to Adjustable Rate
Mortgages and Physics of Inflation
     (Kristina Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY)

Wikipedia History: Each students gets to create his own essay
questions and answers
     (Jay Shuck, Minneapolis, MN)

Runners Up list name
     (Doug Frank, Crosby, TX)