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December 11, 2003      Share

Top5 High School’s holiday list comes
to you courtesy of prolific contributor
Upton O’Connor’s high school-age nephew,
Dewey. Thanks, Dewey! Hope you get a date
next year! And Happy Holidays, everyone!

The Top 12 Days of
High School Christmas

12> Drummers in Detention for Putting a Firecracker in Herb
Johnson’s Sousaphone

11> Druggies Drugging

10> Jocks Sublimating

9> Hippies Hacking

8> Geeks Milk-Sneezing

7> Swimmers Bulging

6> Goths a-Moping, with…

5> Infected Nose Rings!

4> Appalling Nerds

3> French Exchange Students You *Wish* Were Promiscuous

2> Girls That I Love…

and the Number 1 Day of High School Christmas…
1> … But Not One Sad Enough to Date Me



Selected from 12 submissions from 1 contributor.
Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Dewey O’Connor, Pompano Beach, FL — 1-12, Topic
Jeff Scherer, Brooklyn, NY — Guidance Counselor