July 29, 2004      Share

The Top 6 Advantages
of Going to Summer School

6> You’re easily able to avoid that groggy feeling you get when
you sleep in until noon.

5> No nerds.

4> You actually flunked World History on purpose. Now you’re
spending the summer with the hunkiest half of the football

3> The chance of getting a sunburn that will later lead to a
deadly melanoma is practically nil.

2> First shot to put graffiti on the freshly scrubbed bathroom

and the Number 1 Advantage of Going to Summer School…
1> If you pass chemistry over the summer, you’ll graduate in time
for your thirty-seventh birthday!



Selected from 25 submissions from 4 contributors.
Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Kay Crain, Defiance, MO — 1, 4 (3rd #1!)
Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA — 2, 5, 6 (Hat trick!)
Rabbi Crut, Bowling Green, OH — 3
Gideon Griebenow, Potchefstroom, S. Africa — 4
Andrea Crain, Madison, WI — Guidance Counselor