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The Top 9 Ways to Tell a Cow Is Mad

9> Hot milk. Sour cream.

8> Who knows? They *are* the quiet kind of crazy.

7> As your eyes meet across the pasture, it gives you a glare that
curdles… well, you get the idea.

6> It’s on the Atkins diet.

5> Each teat has a different personality.

4> Selling her milk at *that* price, she’s either mad or she
doesn’t care about the overhead.

3> She’s wearing leather… and it’s not her own.

2> It keeps writing “Can’t sleep! Clowns will eat me!” under a
picture of Ronald McDonald.

and the Number 1 Way to Tell a Cow Is Mad…
1> It insists on telling you its plans for world domination in
detail, instead of just killing you right away.



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