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Yoda the mouse was born on April 10, 2000 at the
University of Michigan Medical School.
Sadly, at the equivalent of about 136 in human-years,
Yoda died recently.
The life span of the average laboratory mouse
is slightly over two years.
We wondered what insights on longevity
this Strom Thurmond of rodents might have to offer us humans.

The Top 5 Thoughts of
the World’s Oldest Mouse

5> “Another week of Cialis testing? LOOK OUT, MINNIE!”

4> “Who moved my cheese? And the remote?”

3> “I might have had that cushy NIMH job, if it weren’t for those
pesky kids!”

2> “When I was young, we had to run uphill on that wheel. Both
ways. Through the snow. Against the wind.”

and the Number 1 Thought of the World’s Oldest Mouse…
1> “After the 4,386,000th grandkid, you just call ‘em ALL ‘Sonny’
and give ‘em birthday nickels.”



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