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The Top 10 Things Overheard
at a Beauty Salon Run by Pirates

10> “You can’t be chargin’ me full price for the manicure — you
only did five fingers and a hook.”

9> “What does that wench expect? She came in fer a piercin’, and
now she’s bitchin’ and moanin’ about how much her buccaneer

8> “I’d be givin’ yon nail siren a jolly roger of me own, savvy?”

7> “One piece of eight change back from a twenty? Does that sound
right to you?”

6> “Yo ho ho and a bottle of Nexxus!”

5> “Aye, I can braid yer mustache, but it’ll run ye extra.”

4> “Would you like your hair parrrr-ted on the right or the

3> “Aye, a parrot on yer shoulder’ll cover that up.”

2> “Just a little off the peg.”

and the Number 1 Thing Overheard at a Beauty Salon Run by
1> “If I hear one more ‘puffy shirt’ comment, I’m gonna hunt down
that Seinfield dog and put his head on a pike.”



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Christa Grunewald, Leonardville, KS — 6, 8
Mel Clark, Kalamazoo, MI — 7
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