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November 18, 2004      Share

Today is the annual Great American Smokeout.
For more information on the event, and links to sites
with help for those who want to quit, visit

The Top 7 Signs Your
Fitness Instructor Is a Musician

7> The creepy towel roadie watching from the corner.

6> All classes start at least a half-hour late, or “whenever” –
whichever comes first.

5> LOTS more pyrotechnics.

4> Same tight spandex, but bigger hair.

3> You’re just starting to make it through aerobicizing to
Mozart, and she’s already moving you up to Rachmaninoff.

2> “You can do better than that! Allegro! Allegro, you lazy

and the Number 1 Sign Your Fitness Instructor Is a Musician…
1> “Hi, I’m Kenny G and I’m going to play one of my many smooth
jazz hits until you give me twenty reps.”



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