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June 17, 2004      Share

Scientists who studied brain scans of normal, hungry people
found that those who say they’re addicted to chocolate or
pizza may not be exaggerating. Their brains lit up
when they saw and smelled their favorite foods,
in much the same way the brains of cocaine addicts do
when they think about their next snort.

The Top 10 Signs You
Have a Food Addiction

10> Your neighbors are getting suspicious of the frequent 3:00AM
visits from the Girl Scouts.

9> You open your big brother’s cheesecake magazine, only to
collapse in tears of disappointment.

8> After snorting lines of flour, you wake up next to the
Pillsbury Doughboy.

7> Smoking salmon isn’t just for fish processors any more!

6> You have the Keebler elves on speed dial.

5> You’ve tried to snort Pixie Sticks.

4> You tried going cold turkey and ended up eating ten of them.

3> Your milk mustache has curly handlebars.

2> Not only are you *tasting* the rainbow, you’re hearing it.

and the Number 1 Sign You Have a Food Addiction…
1> It takes exactly 3,752 licks. Every single time.



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