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May 20, 2004      Share

Engineers at Adidas have developed a running shoe with a
computer chip inside, that adjusts the cushioning level
as the wearer runs.

is the full story.

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“The Top 8 Features of the Computerized
Running Shoe”.

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The Top 7 Signs There’s a
Computer Chip in Your Running Shoe

7> You keep finding “Increase your shoe size” messages printed on
your socks.

6> They whistle at every iPod that goes by.

5> Every morning when you put them on, they’re full of worms.

4> My cat pounces on my feet every other step. I think it’s
looking for a mouse.

3> Every time you try to run, you hear a voice say, “I can’t let
you do that, Dave.”

2> You want to go to the track, but the shoes lead you to Radio

and the Number 1 Signs There’s a Computer Chip in Your Running
1> Teenagers in Estonia can now hijack your shoes and make you
walk funny.



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