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December 2, 2004      Share

The Top 8 Signs the Drug You’re Taking
Might Not Be as Good for You as You Thought

8> In the middle of the night, the glow-in-the-dark pee is a
little unnerving.

7> There are no side effects, and youve been feeling better
since you started taking it.

6> Congress has just approved three billion dollars to the FDA
to figure out if you’re toxic to other humans and animals.

5> While the toenail fungus is gone, the webbing between your
toes makes it hard to wear flip-flops.

4> Not only did it clear up your acne, it also leveled off your
navel and nipples.

3> When the FDA learns you’re still alive, they begin referring
to you as the “outlier.”

2> “Honey? Should the color be running out of my pupils?”

and the Number 1 Sign the Drug You’re Taking Might Not Be as Good
for You as You Thought…
1> Your gills are starting to itch.



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