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March 4, 2004      Share

The Top 10 Random
Thoughts While Exercising

10> “Hmm, the quantum equation reduces by simply adding the vector
of the electromagnetic field to the– Eww! Someone forgot to
wipe the sweat off this thing!”

9> “How did that go? ‘He’s not the shortest knife in the drawer.’
No, wait, ‘He’s one sharp knife short of a load.’ That’s not
right, either….”

8> “… but if I park on the east side of the house and distract
him with sex, he might not notice the dent until after I can
get it fixed.”

7> “I wonder if Pamela Anderson is Catholic.”

6> “Swimmers sweat while racing. Sweat contains salt. Increasing
the salt in the pool increases floatation. Therefore the last
lap in the 1500-meter is faster than the first.”

5> “Are cinder blocks really made of cinders?”

4> “Who makes the yellow paint they put on pencils?”

3> “Do you think the Count from Sesame Street ever hauled
off and killed anyone and drank the blood? He was a vampire,
wasn’t he? What kind of blood do Muppets have, anyway?”

2> “If I dig in a defensive Eastern front, stop Rommel after he
secures Suez and an oil field, replace Mussolini with a pliant
puppet and move all the released resources west, can I invade
England the next time I roll double six?”

and the Number 1 Random Thought While Exercising…
1> “I think I left the iron on.”



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