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The Top 9 Provisions We’d
Like to See in a Health Care Bill

9> More anal probing!

8> Doctors must warm their hands and instruments before examing a
patient’s groinal area.

7> Expanded lobotomy research, starting with corrupt politicians
and whoever thought up the current health care system.

6> Allocate $10 billion in research to discover just what the
hell is wrong with my ex.

5> Emergency Room “Five Visits Get One Free” punch cards for
parents of active boys.

4> Implement the Darwin-Malthus amendment: No coverage for

3> Require all mental health benefit plans to cover unlimited
over-the-counter chocolate.

2> More useful side effects from new drugs. Like telekinesis.

and the Number 1 Provision We’d Like to See in a Health Care
1> In the event you’re turned away without care due to lack
of coverage, you get to cough, sneeze, and/or spew upon a
tied-down administrator from your HMO!



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Matt Van Opens, Kenosha. WI — 6
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