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August 14, 2003      Share

With all the hot weather lately, you’d think we’d be
encouraging our readers to drink lots of water.
Well, we would, except that medical experts are now
warning us about the dangers of drinking *too much* water!
Apparently, it can lead to a life-threatening imbalanc
electrolytes in the blood. Not to mention:

The Top 8 Other
Disadvantages of Drinking Too Much Water

8> Much better chance of winning if you get into a pissing match.

7> Bladderfish!

6> No room for chocolate.

5> You’re more prone to being stalked by Aquaman.

4> You’ve started sleepwalking, and when you awake in the
morning, all your plants have been watered.

3> Those voices in your head? Dolphins.

2> Lowers the Scotch level in your bloodstream.

and the Number 1 Other Disadvantage of Drinking Too Much Water…
1> Those pitiful little fishy screams of terror every time you
walk by the goldfish bowl.



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