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July 8, 2004      Share

Surprise! *This* is your actual Top5 Health and Beauty list –
the TopFive High School list you received was
an extra-special bonus.
That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

The Top 9 Historical Diets

9> The Emancipation Proclamation Diet: Flab shall no longer be
enslaved by clinging to your ass.

8> The Istanbul Diet: Make your dinner reservations in

7> The French Revolution Diet: Off with the pounds!

6> The Red-Shift Diet: For a measurably receding waistline.

5> The Irish Potato Famine Diet: No carbs here!

4> The Joan of Arc Diet: Burnt steak.

3> The Julius Caesar Diet: It’s brutal.

2> The World War II Diet: Fights the Battle of the Bulge.

and the Number 1 Historical Diet…
1> The Thomas Edison Diet: Just eat light



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William Longspee, Salisbury, England — 2, 5, 7
William Prune Wickart, Danish Falls, MN — 3, 4, 6 (Hat trick!)
Alan Bland, Boulder, CO — 4
Asher Samuels, Jerusalem, Israel — 5
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