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February 12, 2004      Share

Campaigning for President is an extremely strenuous activity.
So we wondered how some of the once and future candidates
maintain their fitness during the process:

The Top 7 Health and Fitness
Tips From Presidential Candidates

8> “Cut down on the caffeine!!!” (Howard Dean)

7) “Don’t jump in over your head.” (Carol Moseley-Braun)

6> “Be sure to do a loooooong warmup.” (John Edwards)

5> “Lots of butter, eggs and cheese — in your hair.” (Al

4> “Start slow, then taper off.” (Dennis Kucinich)

3> “Vote for me — America needs more naps.” (Joe Leiberman)

2> “Eat your vegetables — especially ketchup.” (John Kerry)

and the Number 1 Health and Fitness Tip From a Presidential
1> “Drop and give me 20!” (Wesley Clark)



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