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October 28, 2004      Share

Both Laura Bush and Teresa Heinz Kerry are intelligent,
accomplished women, with far more to offer than
their sense of style.
Nevertheless, the first thing we’ll want to know
about the one who’ll attend the inaugural ball will be
“What is she wearing?”
And please note, nothing in this list is intended to
endorse either candidate or predict the results
of next week’s election.

The Top 5 Fashion
Tips for the First Lady

5> Always wear brown shoes when Congress is in session.

4> If the First Daughters are wearing short skirts, it really
doesn’t matter what *you* wear.

3> Never wear an outfit the same shade as the day’s Homeland
Security alert level.

2> Fuschia doesn’t work when your husband is draping himself in
the flag.

and the Number 1 Fashion Tip for the First Lady…
1> Avoid wearing colors your husband can’t pronounce.



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