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The Top 8 Signs Someone Is
Not Familiar With Fine Dining
(Part II)

8> Asks to supersize the Magret de Canard au Cassis.

7> Refuses to valet park his monster truck.

6> Asks the strolling violinist to play “The Devil Went Down to

5> Asks the waiter why the Penne Pasta “only costs a cent?”

4> Discovers the shrimp fork is perfect for nose cleaning.

3> Goes with the ’63 Chateau Lafite over the ’61 Margaux. Not
that there’s anything wrong with the Rothschild, as
such, except… Dude, a ’63?

2> Sends his water back because “There’s bubbles in it!”

and the Number 1 Sign Someone Is Not Familiar With Fine Dining …
1> Compliments the sommelier on his necklace bling.



Selected from 32 submissions from 11 contributors.
This week’s list authors are:

Mark Eckenwiler, Washington, DC — 1, 6
Chris White, Los Angeles, CA — 2
Tim Shaw, Chicago, IL — 3
Mark Sweatt, Marietta, GA — 4, 7
Edward Rodman, Ocean Twp., NJ — 5
Jeff Brechlin, Eagan, MN — 8
Russell Beland, Springfield, VA — Chief Cook and Bottle Washer