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May 30, 2003      Share

It happened in issue #190 (Issue 2 of a 6-part
mini-series) — Wonder Woman, bereft of her powers
and memories, is on the run and trying to be less
conspicuous. So she has her hair cropped *way*
down to a spiked little punk number, dons glasses
and continues her quest in anonymity.
A drastic makeover, but it works (at least for
four or five more issues). So what other makeover hints
might we suggest for the comic book universes?
Funny you should ask.

The Top 9 Superhero Makeover Tips

9> Invisible Woman: Ah, what’s the point?

8> Batman: Botox will combat all the wrinkles from the
constantly furrowed brow.

7> Lex Luthor: Among the other hostile takeovers, how about
going after Hair Club for Men?

6> Superman: Underwear goes on the inside. You’re not Madonna.

5> Wolverine: When you work with your hands, manicures are

4> Sasquatch: Styling gel. Lots and lots of styling gel.

3> Zatanna: stenhsif no deoottat!!!

2> Daredevil: I know you’re blind, but red leather?

and the Number 1 Superhero Makeover Tip…
1> Clark Kent: To make sure work doesn’t mix in with your
personal life, have an accessory that you associate with the
office, and take it off when you leave.



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Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Chris Louth, Vancouver, Canada — 1, 5 (2nd #1!)
Marcelo Rinesi, Buenos Aires, Argentina — 2, 6
Louise Freeman Davis, Charlottesville, VA — 3
Marc Berard, Central Falls, RI — 4
Tom Galloway, Mountain View, CA — 7
Jack Scheer, Falls Church, VA — 8, 9
Rabbi Crut, Bowling Green, OH — Topic
Dave Goudsward, Lake Worth, FL — Paisley is my life