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June 13, 2003      Share

Lottery addicts in Pennsylvania will be able to
start scratching the Incredible Hulk in the hopes
of winning. On Tuesday, June 3, the Pennsylvania
Lottery unveiled the $2 “Hulk” instant ticket,
tying in to the comic-to-film event. According
to the press release, the “Hulk” game offers over
$4.2 million in cash prizes, and the overall odds
of winning a prize are 1 in 3.57. “Hulk” tickets will
also be available in Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico.

The Top 9 Signs the Hulk
Is Now a Millionaire (Part I)

9> He now has enough senators and congressmen in his pockets t

cut funding for all the government’s anti-Hulk forces.

8> Violent behavior, lack of accountability, unfettered power –
I thought he already *was* rich!

7> Mrs. Drysdale is begging Milburn and Miss Hathaway to bring
the Clampetts back.

6> Finally, after 40 years, a decent haircut!

5> “Why puny Democrats not pass cut in Capital Gains Tax? Hulk
SMASH puny Democrats!”

4> Hulk get smashed! Then Hulk get high-priced hooker!

3> Lou Ferrigno is his new pool boy.

2> Hires a staff of illegal immigrants at minimum wage to do his
smashing for him.

and the Number 1 Sign the Hulk Is Now a Millionaire …
1> “Hulk smash later. Hulk on phone with broker right now.”



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Jeremy Bleichman, Fair Lawn, NJ — 1, 5 (6th #1)
Neil Davidson, Mississauga, ON — 2
Craig Israel, Cleveland, OH — 3
Rabbi Crut, Bowling Green, OH — 4
Chuck Burke, Phoenix, NY — 6
Louise Freeman Davis, Charlottesville, VA — 7
Marcelo Rinesi, Buenos Aires, Argentina — 8
Guy Payne, Birmingham, AL — 9
Dave Goudsward, Lake Worth, FL — Not my color