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The Top 6 Worst Reasons to
Ask Your Parents for More Money

6> “Well, see, that gig on ‘Girls Gone Wild’ didn’t pay nearly a

well as I thought it would.”

5> “Uh, you know how we were supposed to use the Virtual Stock
Exchange simuulation in business class? I kind of forgot about
the ‘virtual’ part.”

4> “I’m being blackmailed by my girlfriend to have sex with her.
Send money quick.”

3> “That goat from three lists ago is sick and needs medical

2> “Hi Mom, books used up all my pot and hooker money, please
send more.”

and the Number 1 Worst Reason to Ask Your Parents for More
1> “I need a thousand dollars quick. I just drew the dog on the
match book cover perfectly!”



Selected from 44 submissions from 10 contributors.
Today’s Top 5 List authors are:

Jeff Rabinowitz, Temple University — 1, 4 (2nd #1!)
David J. Ludwig, CSU San Marcos — 2
Brandon Eldridge, St. Louis College — 3, RU, HM list name
Dan Lautman, University of Maryland — 5
Audra Whitton, Northern Virginia CC — 6
Danny Gallagher, UT Austin — List Moderator, RA